Income Tax Compliance
Filing of Tax Returns in India is Mandatory if Income Exceeds Basic Exemption Limit, However there are numerous benefits of voluntary filing of Income Tax Return. Its the only document which says you are tax complaint citizen of India
Repatriation of Funds
Repatriation is transfer of funds from NRO to NRE Bank A/c, Compliance to be done include Form 15CA and 15CB which are Income Tax Form and Certificate of CA which allows the bank to proceed with transfer. Individual can transfer upto 1mn USD per annum.
Nil / Lower TDS
NRIs attract a higher TDS rate on transactions in India. Selling of Property by NRI has 20% TDS Compliance, However NIL/Lower TDS Certificate can be applied through our services where the rate can be reduced to actual liability.
TDS Compliance
Property purchased for Rs 50 Lacs or more needs 1% TDS to be deducted and Filing Online Challan cum Form 26QB for Deposit of TDS to Govt.
Immovable Property
Selling of immovable property attracts capital gain, which needs to be calculated and accordingly tax needs to be paid along with filing of tax returns.
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